We express warm congratulations to that the joint R & D center was formally established by our company and Zhengzhou Machinery Institute.

[ Time:2014-01-25 Click:1359 ]

In recent year, the company has been actively promoting the technological innovation system construction integrating "production, learning and research” with quality as the main body and market-oriented, establishes long-term technical cooperation with Zhengzhou Machinery Institute, and builds the joint research and development platform to jointly make development and application of a forward-looking new technologies, new products and new technology. In addition, both parties will carry out overall talent training to cultivate a number of technical talents and reserve technical personnel with strong innovation ability together. The long-term cooperation with Zhengzhou Machinery Institute has far-reaching significance for future sustainable development of the company. Meanwhile, the joint R & D center will make a greater contribution to local economic and social development through the joint efforts of both parties.

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